13 Aug 2012

The Forgiver: Al-Ghaffor

Learning objective: Prepare for the amaal of Laylatul Qadr by understanding the ism Al Ghaffor in connection with the tasbeeh of 'Astaghfirullah'.

Part of the night's amaal is to remember the things we have done that have made Allah sad. We have a chance to say sorry and promise to try our best not to do it again. Allah in this month, and especially in these last 10 nights, is extra kind in listening to our duas.

When Allah accepts our forgiveness, He rubs out the wrong actions from the book of deeds that the angels have been writing in.

Can be sang to the tune 'Frère Jacques'

Al Ghaffor x2
I am sorry x2
For the things I've done x2
That I shouldn't x2 (shaking head)

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