21 May 2016

Arabic Alphabet Quranic Word Index

Learning Objective:
- Learn the Arabic alphabet 
- Build on Quranic vocabulary to gain an insight into the contents of the book of Allah.
- To create a personalised Quran picture dictionary

1. Pick out a word from the Qur’an beginning with one of the alphabet letters, using the 
Arabic Alphabet Quranic Word Index.
2. Decorate the letter by incorporating the object theme within it and display it on your Qur'an wall. These can later be collected into a personalised Quran picture dictionary.

Letter within the craft
'Ankaboot, Nahl, Yad, Feel: Google Image
Images within the letter
Layl, Hajj, Nahl, 'Ayn: Activities archived under the Arabic letter of the week tag

3. Spend some time learning about the chosen topics through lots of hands on activities and  memorable experiences.

  • For ready to use flashcards and simple activity ideas for young children 3-5 years, this Ramadan 30 Day Activity is a brilliant resource:
  • For older children 5-7 years, these are some of the activities we've done exploring Quran words.

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