17 May 2019

Surah Yaseen: Lessons from the Past

Learning Objective:
- To gain a overview into the contents and lessons from Surah Yaseen 36:13-32

Watch: YouTube Story Retelling

• Do what is right regardless of whether people acknowledge or listen to us, Allah knows!
• Like the man who came running, we all have a duty to care for each other and use whatever we have to encourage goodness.
• Don’t think of any action as insignificant. In the eyes of Allah, your voice counts! The actions of Habib were loved by Allah and recorded for eternity in the Quran – he is given more mention than the messengers.
• Listen to the voice which comes from the heart. We have all been given an inner compass which points to Allah and the truth.
• Don’t blame others. You are the dictator of your own future by your intentions, thoughts, & actions.
• Use your chance today to turn to Allah and correct your actions otherwise it might be too late!
• Allah has the power to wipe out entire nations in a single moment

Quranic Vocabulary
Mathalan, Bi thaalithin, basharun mithluna, rabbuna ya’lum, tataiyarna, qawmun musrifoon, rajulun yas’a, ajran,shafaa, amantu, sayhatan wahidatan

Activity: Use images to talk through the verses and create a story board using key Quranic vocabulary.

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