10 May 2019

Surah Yaseen: The Message and the Messenger

Learning Objective:
- To gain a overview into the contents and lessons from Surah Yaseen 36:1-12

Key Learning Points:
  • Surah Yaseen is known as the heart of the Quran. The heart is the organ that gives life and Yaseen contains all the lessons we need to live a good life with a heart turned towards Allah.
  • The Quran is a book full of wisdom and teaches us how to make wise choices.
  • Wisdom is gained by applying the Quran and following the wisest guide, The Prophet and his family.
  • The Holy Prophet is one of the messengers on a straight path. He is the guide to follow and a warner against consequences of our own actions.
  • The Quran is a mercy from Allah – He hasn’t sent it down because he needs people to believe in him or obey him – he is Al Aziz not in need of power, He is the Mighty! He sent it out of his kindness Rahim.
  • There are some people who decide to ignore the warnings even though they know it’s the truth hence have lost the ability to be guided because they have become so stubborn. They have chosen to cover themselves from the truth. They are switched off their thinking and do not use their senses to see and listen.
  • Seeking forgiveness, recognizing Allah and following the Quran are the only way to come back to the straight path.
  • We will be brought back to life after death.
  • Everything we do is recorded as well as the good deeds that continue after us - a footprint. Need to be busy doing good to leave sparkly footprints!
Quranic Vocabulary
Yaseen, Quran, Hakeem, Mursaleen, Sirat, Aziz, Raheem, Abaaoohum, Ghafiloon, Haqq, Aghlaalan, Saddan, Sawaaun, Tundhir, Qadamu

Activity: Use images to talk through the verses and create a story board using key Quranic vocabulary.

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