23 Aug 2020

Lessons From Karbala: Obey Allah

Quran Verse: 
Atiullah, Obey Allah 4:59

Key Learning Point:
In every choice we make, we must put Allah first.
To make the right choice, we must listen to and follow Allah.

Lesson Introduction:
Obey means to listen and follow. We must always obey Allah by doing what He has told us. When we are not sure what to do, we must think, will this make Allah happy?

When Imam Husayn (as) did not agree to give bay’ah, Yazid became angry and planned to have Imam killed. Imam left his home in Madinah. On the way to Kufa, a solider from Yazid’s army, called Hurr, stopped Imam and said he was not allowed to go to Kufa. Imam tried to explain to Hurr that Yazid was a bad man and that Imam cannot agree to listen to and follow his rules. Hurr said Yazid is my leader and I have made a choice to follow what he has told me!

Imam Husayn (as) saw that Hurr and his army were thirsty from the heat of the desert. Imam gave them and their horses water, even through they were being bad to Imam! Imam was so kind, even to people who were not nice to him!

Later on during the battle, Hurr heard the children from Imam Husayn’s camp crying ‘Al Atash’ because they were thirsty. It made Hurr think about the choice he had made to follow and listen to Yazid. Was Allah happy with what Hurr had done? No! He realised that he had been mean to Imam and by following Yazid’s rules instead of Allah, he had made the wrong choice.

Hurr realised that Imam Husayn (as) was good and doing the right thing by listening to Allah’s rules. He came to Imam and said he was very sorry and became a helper on Imam Husayn’s side.

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