8 Oct 2013

Good Deeds Magnet

Key Learning Point:
Every good deed brings you closer to Allah!

Quran Verse:
Wa ahsin, do good 28:77

Lesson Introduction:
Allah is our Creator and the One who has given us so many blessings.
He is our Master and our job is to listen to Him and do what He has told us.
A Muhsin is one who does good.
Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He loves the muhsineen!

ACTIVITY: Good Deeds Magnet
Materials Needed:
Magnetic selection of 1p/2p coins
Tub of rice
Large Magnet

For each coin, have the child say a good deed and place it into a box of rice.
‘Let’s see what happens when Allah sees you doing a good deed.'
Hover a magnet over the rice and watch how the coins are pulled up.

Good deeds are magnetic!
Every time you do a good deed, Allah pulls you close to Him!
Every good deed brings you closer to Allah.
Allah loves those who do good deeds :)

Point out:
-There is no such thing as a ‘small’ good deed, all the coins were magnetic!
-It doesn’t matter if no-one saw you do the good deed. Even coins hidden atthe bottom of the pile were pulled up by the magnet. Every good deed is
seen by Allah and pulled towards Him!
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