19 Mar 2018

Dhikr Square

Numbered Dhikr Square For Younger Children

Use the hundred grid Dhikr Square as a tracker to mark tasbeeh recitation during 
a’amaal nights and the special seasons of worship.

Older children (or parents alongside their little ones!) can use the plain grid to set their own targets and draw up a key accordingly. They may for example colour one square for every 5-10 recitations. 

Plain Grid To Be Used For Individual Targets

Activity: Rajab Dhikr
The Holy Prophet (S) emphasised great reward in reciting Suratul Ikhlas in the month of Rajab. Younger children can recite and colour 3-4 squares of the numbered grid every day to complete 100 Surah Ikhlas by the end of the month. Older children can use the plain grid to set their own targets, draw up a key and aim to complete the square by the end of the month. 

Activity: Sha’ban Salawaat

Activity: Laylatul Qadr A'maal
Use the Dhikr Square to help you recite one hundred Surah Qadr through the night!

7 Dec 2017

Mosque Backdrop

Create a unique decorative centerpiece or photo backdrop for celebration gatherings. Smaller cardboard pieces can be attached together to form the base of the mosque. The two can be slot together by making a vertical slit in each. Paint and embellish with lights!


30 Nov 2017

Surah Al Quraysh 106

Surah Al Quraysh 106

Lesson Introduction
Prophet Muhammad (S) belonged to the Quraysh, a group of people honoured amongst the Arabs for being the caretakers of the Ka’ba. Allah gave the Quraysh safety and protection when they travelled with their caravans for trade to Yemen in the winter and to Syria in the summer. The Quraysh became very wealthy and thought they didn’t need Allah. In this surah, Allah reminds the Quraysh to worship Him, the true owner of the Ka’ba and the one who fed them when they were hungry and made them safe from fear.

Quranic Vocabulary
Shitaa - winter
Sayf - summer
Bayt - house
Rabb - Lord
Jewin - hunger
Khawf - fear

Allah is the true giver of safety and food. Two essential things everybody needs.
- We must thank Allah by worshiping Him and using the blessings He has given us in the right way, to do what He has asked us.

Activity: Map of Arabia
Print and label the map with the city of Makkah and the lands of Yemen and Syria. Show the direction that the caravans would travel for each season. Label the neighboring countries.
Make a list of the kind of dangers the Quraysh would have have faced on their journey. Sandstorms/lack of food/thirst/heat/cold nights/getting lost/bandits

Activity: Travelling for Trade
Find out what goods or special items Yemen and Syria are famous for today. Did you know, the Prophet's special blanket under which the Ahlulbayt gathered when ayah 33:33 was revealed, was a Yemeni Kisa, a blanket from Yemen. Quality cloths and special coffee, were some of the things the Arabs travelled to Yemen to buy.

Activity: Dua when leaving home
Learn the dua and recite it every time you leave the house. On your return, thank Allah for the safety He provided you on your journey.

Resources/Worksheet: Juz Amma Resources
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