16 Aug 2023

Pictorial Quran Surah Tabs


Activity: Pictorial Quran Surah Tabs
To index the surahs in the Quran for easy reference and to aid learning of the surah names and numbers using visual images that illustrate the chapter titles. has created beautifully illustrated Quran tabs and offers them as a free PDF download which can be sized to your preference. 

By printing the document at 50% original size or 2 per page directly onto A4 sticker paper/labels, will allow you to easily cut and stick each image directly onto the end of small coloured sticky flag tabs.

Larger size images can be printed onto white card to hold its weight and glue in accordingly. 

Note: If your Quran opens to the right like the one translated by M H Shakir, then you will need to reverse your tab printing settings to right-left

Download PDF Quran Tab Images by

Place the sticky half of the index tab onto the Quran page and place the pictorial image tab sticker onto the other half of the index strip (45x12mm) so that it protrudes when closed.


30 Mar 2023

Quran Journalling Resources

Learning Objective:
- To personalise the Quran to aid familiarisation, engagement and reflection
- To bring practical relevance to each ayah
- To use colour coded tabbing to index and highlight verses

Quran Verse:
Why do they not reflect over the Quran? Are there locks on their hearts? 47:24

The Quran is the Word of Allah. Each verse is speaking directly to you. Each verse in the Quran is called an Ayah, a sign. It is a sign that guides us to Allah. It is important to understand what we are reading and spend time to reflect on what guidance Allah is giving us and how we can apply it in our life.

My Quran Journal - For Kids

Printable PDF by @creActivitybyGwan

Short illustrated video reflections on an aya a day to aid personal Quran Journalling.

Activity: Colour Coded Tabbing
Use different coloured tabs to explore themes in the Quran such as; Duas, Quranic Advice: Values and Vices, Stories, Questions and Personal inspiration.


4 Mar 2023

30 Quran Journalling Prompts

In Ramadhan people aim to complete a whole reading of the Quran in 30 days that’s why for convenience they divided it into 30 parts, a Juz a day.

Use the calendar prompts from each Juz to engage with the Quran everyday in the month of Ramadhan. Use the ideas to help you record your own reflections and personalise your Quran.

Download Quran Journaling Calendar

Watch a short reflection video on each verse online: Quranic Snapshots Ramadhan Video Series



30 Jul 2022

From Karbala to my Salaa

Imam Husayn (as) lived by all the beliefs and values salaa teaches. His connection with Allah through salaa was so strong that it gave him strength to stand for what is right and made him the incredible personality that he is. 

This Muharram we want to focus on understanding salaa so that we can strengthen our connection with Allah and live a Husayni life, making the right choices and behaving as God's ambassadors every day.

Lesson 1: Introduction and importance of Salaa

Lesson 2: Allahu Akbar – God is the #1 Priority

Lesson 3: Niyyah – Connecting to Allah

Lesson 4: Surah Fateha – A guide to the straight path

Lesson 5: Sajda – Obedience to Allah

Lesson 6: Astaghfar – Returning back to Allah

Lesson 7: Qunoot – Calling upon Allah

Lesson 8: Salaam – Living in peace

Lesson 9: Tasbeeh – An attitude of gratitude

Lesson 10: Jama’a – Unity in the community

Download complete lesson plan booklet: From Karbala to my Salaa


13 Apr 2022

Nahjul Balagha Gems by Academy for Learning Islam

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