15 May 2018

Quran Teaches Me Nasheed

A beautiful new children's nasheed 'Quran Teaches Me' ' by Quran Stories with HudHud.


11 May 2018

Playdough Moon Phases

A great hands on way to introduce the moon phases to little ones with an activity that can be played and enjoyed throughout the month!

Print and laminate the Moon Phases Template courtesy of Babble and Chat.
Use a bottle lid to cut out the circles from rolled out playdough. Overlap the lid on the circle to cutout a crescent shape. The remaining part of the circle can be used for the waxing/waning gibbous phase. 
Arrange the moon phases accordingly on the template. 

Watch the night sky and mark the changes in the moon by attaching an arrow in the centre of the template and moving it to point to the correct phase throughout the month.

9 May 2018

Ramadhan Calendars

Purchase Online from Eid Party

Hanging Ramadhan Calendars with felt pockets for adding inserts or small treats, help to build the excitement for little ones! Perfect to use together with our printable Ramadhan Calendar Inserts.

Purchase Calendar: Online from Eid Party

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