2 Jul 2020

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Put God First
Power of Wudhu
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The 5Ps to Perfecting Prayer

Surah Story Sack
Learn about Surahs from the Holy Quran through interactive storytelling sessions using visual objects to engage children.
Surah Jumuah 62
Surah Quraysh 106

Quranic Snapshots
30 short illustrated video reflections on an aya a day to aid personal Quran Journalling.

Surah Yaseen Storytelling
Help children gain an overview into the contents, lessons and vocabulary of Surah Yaseen through storytelling narration and visual images.

26 Jun 2020

Surah Story Sacks

Learn about Surahs from the Holy Quran through interactive storytelling sessions using visual objects to engage children.

Watch Surah Story Sack: Al Jumuah 62

Watch Surah Story Sack: Al Quraysh 106


5 Jun 2020

Equality and Discrimination

Learning Objective:
- Recognize that we are all equal and deserve the same rights and treatment.
- Understand what discrimination means
- Understand that it is wrong to think one group of people are better than another.

Quran Verse: 
la yaskhar
Let not one community make fun of another community Surah Hujurat 49:11

The Quran teaches us that we are all children of the same parents, Adam and Hawwa and created from the same earth. Allah has created humans into many nations, communities, races and colours. But one nation or race can not claim they are better than others. As human beings we are the same and it is only our faith and actions that make us better or worse before Allah. 

Yet within society, people don’t always get along, and sometimes we forget that it is other people’s differences that make them unique and special. We often look down on people as we believe that they are lesser than us in some way. Allah tells us in the Qur’an, u’diluw, be just and always act fairlyAllah teaches us that every member of society is equal and deserves the same rights, treatment and respect from others. 

The opposite of equality is discrimination. Discrimination is when someone is treated differently or unfairly based on a variety of things such as their beliefs, their skin colour, or even whether they are a boy or girl. This is completely wrong.

In Surah Hujurat, Allah warns those who discriminate against and make fun of others. Some people think that they are better than others because they are fairer in skin colour or because of where they were born. They use these false beliefs to cause anger and hatred between communities. History is full of examples of one group of people depriving another of its basic human rights.

Rosa Parks

Equality Lesson: God Is Just

4 Jun 2020

A Beautiful World Of Colours.

Learning Objective: 
- To know that Allah created us all in different shades and colours
- Working together helps us to create more beauty!

Quran Verse:
Among His signs is the difference of your languages and colours Surah Rum 30:22

Activity: A Beautiful World 
Allah made us all a different shade and colour. No one colour is better than another. By mixing and working together, we can create a brighter more beautiful world!

1. Divide a paper plate into six sections.
2. Squeeze the colours red, yellow and blue into alternating sections.
3. Have the child dab their paintbrush into red and paint onto the section inbetween. Wash the paintbrush and dab the brush into the yellow paint.
4. Add the yellow to the red, mix together and watch it create orange.
5. Continue in the same way creating green by mixing blue and yellow and purple by mixing red and blue. Don’t forget to wash the paintbrush each time!

3 Jun 2020

Book Club at The Book Cave

Storybooks build character by sparking curiosity, empathy and understanding. The carefully selected titles at The Book Cave Library enable children to explore a range of topics and values through group discussions and activities at the monthly 6-8 years book club.



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