15 Feb 2019

Sura Al Insan 76

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Surah Al-Insan outline by Academy For Learning Islam

- Creation of Human Being 76:1
Insan, is the plural of the word naas. The origin of the word is from nisyaan which means forgetfulness. Human beings are forgetful beings! We become so engrossed in our lives and think we are something special, we forget there was a time we weren't even worth mentioning! 

- Allah created us to test us and has given us all the tools we need to achieve success. 76:2
Physical tools like hearing and sight, as well as His guidance in the Quran and Ahlulbayt. Show your gratitude to Allah by ensuring you use the tools in the right way. 

- Importance of giving thanks 76:3
Shakir is one who is thankful and its opposite is Kafr, to be ungrateful which comes from the same word as Kafir, one who hides the truth! Being grateful is part of being a believer.

- Allah guides everyone 76:3
Everyone is given guidance and it is upto us to take it. 

- Story of the Ahlulbayt and sincerity of intention 76:7-10
Visual: The Right Intention

10 Feb 2019

Surah Al Mulk 67

Surah Al-Mulk outline by Academy For Learning Islam
Book Surah Al Mulk for Kids

- Allah is Al Malik and He has power over everything 67:1
God is the Most Powerful

- Purpose of life Ahsanul'amal 67:2
Time on Earth is Short
The Right Intention
30 Days of Goodness
The Day of Judgement

- Flawless Creation 67:3

- Allah is Aware of Everything 67:13-14

1 Feb 2019

Surah Al Hujurat 49

Surah Al Hujurat 49 outline by Academy For Learning Islam

- Known as Surah of Akhlaq as it gives us instructions on how to deal with one another with the best social etiquette 49:6-12
A Muslim is one who is at peace because he has submitted to and follows Allah’s rules. When we behave according to the commands in Surah Hujurat, our behaviour with others will always be peaceful.

- The only criteria for greatness in the eyes of Allah is Taqwa. 49:13
When we are aware of Allah, we are careful to follow His commands and it brings us the greatest level of honour.

- Read verses 6-12 and highlight in your Quran the golden rules of social behaviour.
- Create a poster using the template of short Quranic phrases. Choose one verse to memorise and work on improving within yourself.
- Role play a scenario using some of the commands or illustrate it with a short story.


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