19 Sept 2013

Water is a blessing

Lesson Objectives:
Appreciate the blessing and need for water.
- Know that a way to be thankful for our blessings is to use them in a way Allah will be pleased with. 
- Understand how important it is not to waste

Quran Verse:
La tusrifu, do not waste 7:31
We send down water from the sky 23:18

It’s raining, it’s pouring, Allah’s blessings are falling
We could not live, If He didn’t give
Blessings all night and all morning.

Arabic Vocabulary: Ma'an - Water/Samaa - Sky

Worksheet: How can we save water?
- turn off tap when brush teeth / between wudhu
- Shorter showers
- Not throw away half drunk water: save for
later/use to water plants
- Collect rain water for watering plants

Download complete lesson plan: Water is a blessing and worksheet 
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