24 Mar 2015

Fatema (as) Lady of Light

You are the lady of the light
You are the highest of the high
The light of our Prophet's eyes

You are the Prophet’s daughter whose blood runs in your veins
Who brought Islam to us and the whole world knows his name
You are the wife of Haider, the mother of Hussain,
Who gave his life for his deen, and suffered so much pain
Wherever you are the truth goes
You are the Prophet’s precious rose
Your status only Allah knows

You taught us how to live life, you showed us how to care
You taught us how to give and you showed us how to share.
You emphasised on morals and trained us to be fair
No matter if we're paupers or even billionaires
No matter how much I may try,
Your qualities how can I write,
You are the light of every life.

You are the hidden diamond, you are the shining star
You are the scent of heaven, your love flows in my heart.
I always feel your presence, you' re never very far
Whenever I am wounded, you always heal the scar.
You are the Holy Prophets pride
I will follow you stride for stride,
you are my leader and my guide.

The angels send their blessing upon you all the time
You are the purest lady and are the Prophets sign
The household that you come from is sacred and divine
For you in heaven there is a special place assigned
Your father always said of you 
You are so honest and so true
There is no one with your virtue

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