4 Mar 2015

Origami Paper Heart

Allah is our Rabb. He is the one who created us, looks after us, gives us everything we need and then helps us grow and become our best!
He loves and cares for us more than anyone in the world!


Decorate the heart with the Quranic verse and the key phrases that make up the meaning of the name Ar-Rabb.

Allah gave us parents to show and remind us of how much He loves us! When we think about all the things our mums do for us, it reminds us of Allah, our Rabb. Allah loves and cares for us 70x more than our mothers!

Make an origami heart card for your mum. 
Open the flaps and pop a secret message inside!
Let her know how much you love her and say thank you for everything she does.

Download complete lesson plan: Allah is my Rabb

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