30 Apr 2015

Acts Of Kindness Are Sweet!

Learning Objective:
- Celebrate the birth of Bibi Fatima (as) by spending the day in doing acts of kindness.

Share stories which show the kindness and generosity of Bibi Fatima (as)
- Giving away wedding dress
- Feeding the poor 3 days in a row when fasting Sura Dahr 76:9 'no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks'

Today we are celebrating the birth of Lady Fatima (as). She spent her life doing good acts of kindness for the love of Allah. She did not expect reward or thanks.

This candy bracelet looks a bit like a tasbeeh! Wear it to remind yourself of Fatima (as) and how she lived. Spend your day finding ways you can do kind things for people. Acts of kindness are sweet! For each one, snap off a candy to eat/share/save
CHALLENGE: Can you finish the whole bracelet?!

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