2 May 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Dhal

ذ Is for Dhikr, Remembering Allah
Words that help us remember Allah are called Dhikr. Phrases like saying Bismillah when you start something, Alhamdulilah when you’re feeling thankful and SubhanAllah when you’re amazed by the wonders of Allah! The tasbih we recite after salaa is a special gift from Allah to the Holy Prophet to his daughter, Lady Fatima (as) who then shared the gift with us!
Song: Bismillah Rhyme by QFatima
Craft: Make your own Tasbeeh threading beads onto pipe cleaner or string. You could even add a tassel by learning to make one by watching an online tutorial.
Storytime: I am going to buy a cow by QFatima

ذ Is for Dubaab, Fly
Allah tells us in the Quran that nobody besides Him has the power to create anything not even a small fly! We might feel proud, bigger and stronger than the fly, but we don’t have the power to stop it
buzzing around and bothering us. If a fly were to snatch away our food, we don’t even have the power to get it back!

Quranic Alphabet project shared by a mum

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