26 Feb 2024

Islamic Values Quran Journal

The Islamic Values Quran Journal introduces children 9-12 years to the process of independently reflecting and building a personal relationship with the Quran.  

Using our QURAN acronym, each of the 30 verses are opened up with a clear structure encouraging children to read, draw, write and share their thoughts in a fun and creative way.
At the end of the book there are a set of affirmation tabs based of the verses from each chapter, that children can cut out and stick into their Quran to help create a visual reminder of their journalling.

A unique resource to guide children to learn how reflecting on the words of Allah will unleash their superpowers and help them live the Quran everyday. 

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Islamic Values
With over 100 creative crafts and hands on activities, Islamic Values offers a new and exciting approach to learning about Islam in ways that are memorable and effective drawing inspiration from Qur'anic verses and using content grounded in a child's immediate world.

A Quranic Calendar containing 30 short and memorable Qur'anic phrases exploring the morals and manners of a Muslim. These verses form the base of both Islamic Values and Islamic Values Quran Journal.
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