13 Aug 2012


Learning Objective:
- Making children aware that there are over 100 chapters in the Quran with different names.
- Sura Ankaboot (29) takes its name from the spider's web mentioned in the surah.
- Learn about what Allah tells us about the spider in the Qur'an.

Spider Facts:
Spiders have 8 legs and most have 8 eyes as well!
They spin webs using a sticky material from their body called silk.
The web traps insects for the spider to eat. 

Allah tells us in the Qur’an
- Allah talks about the spider's web in Surah Ankaboot. The spider puts in a lot of effort to weave this beautiful web but it is blown away so easily.
- A spider built a web over the cave that the Prophet was hiding in and it helped to keep the Prophet safe

Activity: Hand print spider and web
Weaving wool across a painted paper plate

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