28 Jan 2013

Salawaat Sweet Jar!

Lesson Objective:
- To understand the blessing of reciting salawaat.
- To consciously recite more salawaats as part of the Prophet's birthday celebrations
- To give a gift to the Holy Prophet (SAW)

Lesson Introduction:

Allah tells us in the Quran that He and the angels send blessings on Prophet Muhammad (saw) 33:56
Allah asks us to send blessings on the Prophet (saw) as well by reciting salawat. 
Allah tells us that when we send salawat upon the Prophet, Allah will reward us with extra blessings!

Salawat is like a prayer. By saying salawat when the Prophet's name is mentioned, we pray for the Prophet. We ask Allah to let His special kindness and blessings always be with the Prophet and his family. We wouldn't ever be able to choose the Prophet a gift special enough to give him so we ask Allah to give this gift to the Prophet from us! 

Reciting salawat every time we hear or read the Prophet's name is showing our love for the Prophet and thanking him for all the difficulties he went through when he brought Islam to the world.  Reciting helps us to remember what a great man the Prophet was and Allah even blesses us for reciting salawat too!

Let the child decorate a sweet jar and try to fill it with as many sweets you can by reciting salawaat over each one! Eat/share out the sweets on the clebration. Gift some sweets as a milad party favour to encourage the recitation of salawaat by filling the jar.

Activity: Salawaat Sticker Tracker 

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