16 Feb 2013

Marshmallow Test for Patience!

Learning Objective:
- To give the children an opportunity to practice their patience!
- To help understand that patience is always rewarded :)

Re-enact the famous Stanford marshmallow test.

Give the child a marshamallow and explain that they have a choice. They can either;
(A) Eat the one marshmallow right now
(B)  They can wait
 for you to come back and then have two marshmallows! (you could specify time/or just return 5-10mins later)

You could add the phrase:
-  'do you think you can be of the sabireen and wait until I come back? Remember, Allah loves the sabireen!' 
- do you think you can 'usbiroo' and be patient until I come back? Remember, Allah loves the sabireen!' 

It may slightly influence the results but it helps to instil more of the concept of doing it because that's what 'Allah loves' at the back of the mind, rather than just doing it for the extra marshmallow reward. Either way, patience is a good thing!

If the child succeeds, you can continue giving more than the one said extra marshmallow.  This is because Allah rewards patience 'bi ghayri hisaab' without counting! Patience is truly rewarded!

How To Give The Marshmallow Test
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