11 Jul 2013

Good Deeds

Learning Objective:
To practice and be conscious of the Quranic verse 'Allah loves those who do good', throughout the day.

Some good deed suggestions:

- Watered the plants
- Finished lunch and didn't do asraf/waste
- Spoke politely
- Gave Sadaqah
- Tidied my room
- Was the first to say Salaam
- Helped Papa
- Recycled the rubbish
- Thanked Allah for my blessings
- Visited/called a grandparent/relative
- Did good listening
- Practised my surahs
- Sat quietly at mosque
- Did dua for my family
- Gave my parents a hug
- Didn't moan when doing something I don't like
- Picked up litter
- Shared my toys
- Did Adhan
- Said sorry when I did wrong
- Helped Mama

More good deed suggestions can be found at Buzz Ideazz
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