2 Jul 2013

Sun behind the Clouds

Learning Objective: Understand the hadith  "As for deriving benefit from me in my ghayba; it is like deriving benefit from the sun when it hides behind the clouds."

Imam is in ghayba which means that he is still alive but we can not see him. Imam has said that he is like the sun hidden behind the clouds. Even though the Earth is the third planet away from the sun, around 90 million miles away, we still receive the sun's warmth and light! SubhanAllah! The sun is so important, that without it there would be no light, no heat, no plants, no animals, no life! 

Imam Mahdi (ATF) is like the sun. Even though we can't see him, we need him to live! The world can’t exist without a guide of Allah on it. Imam prays for us and a comes to our help whenever we call him.

Demo: Shine torch behind paper drawn up like a sun.
Even though we can't see the torch, we can benefit from the light.


Make a chart, painting some clouds and a sun. Use it to both visually reinforce the hadith and record the remembrance of Imam every morning by joining a line from the sun to a dot making a ray. Try to continue the habit for 40 days and inshallah the love of Imam (and the sun chart!) will be shining brighter!

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