1 Aug 2013

Laylatul Qadr Amaal Activity Book

Activity: Laylatul Qadr A'maal Activity Book
Help children prepare for the blessed night of Qadr with their own prayer activity book. 

You can select which content is suitable from the online index and print the PDF into a personalised booklet accordingly. Pages 1-12 are suitable for younger children upto 6 years and the complete booklet for children 7-9 years.

Page 1: Cover
Page 2: Checklist before starting a'maal
Page 3: Surah recitations to mark with a sticker
Page 4: Pictorial translation Surah Qadr
Page 5: Surah Qadr Vocabulary Quiz
Page 6: Asking for Forgiveness
Page 7: The Quran
Page 8/9: Qualities of the 14 Masoomeen
Page 10: Prayer Hand
Page 11: Dua list
Page 12: Flags
Page 13: Praying for the world
Page 14: Surah Ankaboot
Page 15: Surah Rum
Page 16: Surah Dukhan
Page 17: Quran Reflection
Page 18: Makarimul Akhaq
Page 19: Peace Pledge

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