Laylatul Qadr Amaal Book

The Laylatul Qadr A'maal Book contains content which can be used for children 5-10 years. Select the pages with material suitable for the child and print the PDF into a booklet accordingly.

Page 2: Checklist before starting a'maal
Page 3: Surah recitations to mark with a sticker
Page 4: Pictorial translation Surah qadr
Page 5: Quranic Words Quiz
Page 6: Forgiveness
Page 7: The Quran
Page 8/9: A'maal of Quran/14 Masoomeen
Page 10: Dua hand
Page 11: Dua list
Page 12: Flags
Page 13: Praying for world
Page 14: Surah Ankaboot
Page 15: Surah Rum
Page 16: Surah Dukhan
Page 17: Quran Reflection
Page 18: Makarimul Akhaq
Page 19: Peace Pledge