18 Oct 2013


Key Learning Point:
To Allah, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, whether you’re tall, short, what colour your hair is or if you wear glasses. Allah looks inside us, at our heart to see if it is full of good deeds.

Quran Verse:
Wa ahsin, do good 28:77

Lesson Introduction:
In Hajj, people from all over the world gather together. All these people have different ways of dressing, speaking, eating etc.

When we perform the Hajj, Allah tells us all to wear the Ihram, the same simple white clothes. You wouldn’t be able to guess who is rich or poor, what kind of job the person does, where he comes from, even if they're the king! Everyone is concentrating on doing good deeds and not what they look like!

Name some different nationalities and look through images that show their cultural ways of dressing. Talk about how some look a lot grander than others, some are more colourful, each one helps you identify where a person is from. Discuss how whether what you think of someone depends on how they look?

We shouldn’t look at people and think we know what they are like just because they dress a certain way. Only Allah knows what their heart is like. If they have been doing lots of good deeds, their inside will be beautiful and that's what matters.

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