7 Jul 2014

Bag Of Blessings

Key Learning Point: 
Everything we have, has been given to us by Allah. Being thankful to Allah is one of the best good deeds we can do to make Allah happy and bring us close to Him.

Quran Verse:
"ooshkuro lillah”, Be thankful to Allah.

ACTIVITY: Mystery Bag Of Blessings
Materials Needed:
Gather some small objects that represent ‘blessings’ in life.
Pen - write and share information
Car - transport
Soap - keep clean
Bulb - Electricity
Plaster - health, Medicine, doctors
Money - to buy things

Place all the objects into a bag. Have the children place their hand inside and pick out one object and guess what it could be. Use the prop to talk about what blessing each object represents. Describe what life would be like without it and how there are people in the world who live without many of the things we have.

Download complete lesson: Be thankful
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