26 Nov 2013

Choosing Friends

Lesson Title: A good friend

Quran verse: 'T'aawanu alal birri', Help each other to be good 5:2

Key Learning Point:
We should choose our friends carefully to make sure they will help us to do good and become close to Allah.

1. Put a small apple slice into a ziplock bag: Let's imagine, this is a boy called Adam.

2. Run through a scenario emphasising how Adam did not have good manners and did not behave in a way that would make Allah happy. For each negative trait, pour a drop of vinegar into the bag.
(Have the children smell the vinegar)

3. Along came Isa. He thought Adam was fun to play with because he had lots of cool toys. Put another apple slice into the bag.

4. So the boys played together. Adam would shout, get angry if he didn't get a go, snatch the cars and didn't even listen to his mum when she told them to tidy up! Isa noticed that Adam did not have good manners, but He thought well, I'm not like him. I just want to be friends with him so I get to play with his cool toys.

5. Isa carried on going round to Adam's house everyday. Adam would say mean things about some of the people they knew from school. Isa knew it wasn't a good thing to say but soon he started to laugh too.
At each part, add in drops of vinegar and swirl the contents.
What do you think is happening to Isa? Is he still a juicy piece of apple or do you think the taste is changing?
The more Isa played with Adam, the more he started to become like him too!

6. One day when Isa got home, his mummy told him to get ready for dinner. Isa started shouting, 'I don't want to eat rice, I want chips!' He got angry and threw the plate on the floor.

His mummy realised that Isa's manners had changed. He always used to do such good listening and would never shout at her like that. Isa's mummy explained to him how Adam was not a good friend. He did not have good manners and by spending a lot of time with him, Isa was becoming like him too.

Isa understood that his mummy was right. He was sorry. It was more important to do the right thing and make Allah happy by having good manners than play with Adam just because he had some cool toys.

Adam started missing Isa. He used to have fun playing with him. He went round to Isa's house and found him playing with his new friends.
Put a few apple slices into a clean, fresh clean bag.

They were all playing so nicely, sharing, taking turns, and helping each other too.
With each positive trait add some sugar into the bag.

Isa asked Adam if he would like to join them.
Add Adam's apple slice to the bag and give it a swirl.

Because Adam's new friends were good, he started to pick up on their sweetness. The children's good manners had rubbed off onto Adam and they had helped him to become good too!

What kind of friend do you want to be? Allah says we should be friends that 'help each other to do good'. We can sweeten our friends with our good manners!

What kind of friends do you want to have? Good friends remind us how to behave in the right way. They help us to do good and become close to Allah.

Our behaviour can change others, so be the best you can be and choose your friends carefully.

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