6 Nov 2013

Fruit Experiment

Learning Objective:
- to understand that Imam Husayn showed us to stand for the truth
- to become familiar with the Quranic ayat, 'be with those who are truthful’ 9:119 
- to learn the Arabic vocab word ‘Sadiqeen’, truthful

Quranic Verse:
Koonoo ma’as saadiqeen, be with those who are truthful’ 9:119

Materials Needed:
Various fruits

Ask one child to leave the room. Tell the others about the experiment. 
'When I show you the apple you must all say its an orange!' 
Call the other child in and go through the various fruits asking the children to name each one.
Does the child who left the room say the apple is an orange because all the children do so?!

Explain that it is brave to go against what everyone else is doing/saying.
You must do/say what’s right even if no-one else will.
Talk through examples – times when it’s hard to say the truth etc

Download complete lesson plan: Standing for the truth
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