17 Nov 2013

Imamat: The 12 Imams

Activity by Teaching Young Muslims
Imam means leader. We have 12 Imams. The Imams are chosen by Allah. They never do anything wrong, even by mistake. Allah has sent the Imams as guides to help us understand the Qur'an and show us how to live and behave in the right way. The Imams obeyed the words of Allah in every single way. They are the perfect people to guide us and help us to behave in the right way.

Activity: The Qur'an and the Ahlulbayt
Connect two key rings to each other and label them accordingly. No matter how hard you pull, you cannot separate the two rings. In the same way, the Prophet and his family the Ahlulbayt are connected to the Qur'an. They cannot be separated - we need to follow both. The Qur'an gives us instructions on how to behave and the Ahlulbayt are our teachers who show us how to follow Allah's rules in everything we do.

Activity: Follow the Leader
When someone is the leader, everyone copies and follows them. Our Imams are the only perfect leaders. They always do what is right and obey Allah, so we must always follow them. The Qur’an tells us what Allah wants us to do and the Imams show us how to behave in a way Allah loves.

Activity: The Imam Says
Played like 'Simon says' with the children only following the instructions when 'The Imam Says'. The Imams sent by Allah only listen and do what Allah has said. They always obey Allah.

Activity: Hot And Cold
Hide an object for the child to find by listening to and following instructions. When the child is far from the hidden object use the phrase cold and as he nears finding it state from warm to hot.
The Qur'an and Imams are our guides. They give us all the instructions we need to 'atiullah', obey Allah. We must listen to and follow them, so that we know what to do.
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