4 Dec 2013

Dua: Talking to Allah

Lesson Objectives:
to understand that you can pray/talk to Allah about anything, anytime, anywhere!
- to help establish a habit of talking to Allah
- to know that Imam Zainul Abideen has taught us about dua through Sahifa Sajjadiya
- to become familiar with the etiquette of sandwiching our duas with salawaat

Quran Verse:
Odoonee - Call Me 40:60

Key Learning Point:
Allah wants us to call Him and talk to Him about everything. Talking to Allah reminds us of our Creator. It helps us to feel close to Him. We must try and remember to pray everyday. We can thank Allah for our blessings, pray for help, tell him about our family and even how much we love Him!

Download complete lesson notes Dua: Talking to God

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