22 Jan 2014

Smile :)

Lesson Objective: To implement in daily life a practice of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

One of the easiest ways to spread kindness is to smile! 
The Holy Prophet always spoke with a smile. He said that smiling is charity!

Smile Experiment:
Put a pencil between the teeth not letting it touch the lips. Science shows that if you do this for 3 mins, you release hormones from the brain that make you feel good!

When you smile, you feel good. When others see you smile, they feel good too! 
So smiling at someone is like giving them a gift by sharing your happiness. 

Draw a large smiley face or use a smile balloon and place in a prominent place as a reminder to ‘Be like the Prophet’ and ask yourself 'have I made someone smile today?'

Other Activities:
Manners of the Prophet (saw)
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