3 Apr 2014

Respecting Parents

Lesson Objective:
-  to understand the importance of being good to parents 
-  to know what it means to respect your parents and how we should behave with them

Quran Verse:
Be good to your parents 17:23
Wa bil waalidayni ihsana

Lesson Introduction: 
Allah in the Qur’an has told us 'Be good and kind to your parents'. It is emphasised many times in the Qur’an, telling us to not even say ‘uf’ and show disrespect at anything our parents do. There is also a dua in the Qur’an where Allah teaches us to always pray for our parents who cared for us when we were little. 17:24

The most important people in the world are our parents! They are a very special gift Allah has given us. They love us, care for us, teach us and help us to be the best we can! We must do everything we can to make our parents happy.

No one loves us more than our parents, except Allah, who loves us 70x more! He gave us parents to show us just a little bit of how much He loves us!

When we make our parents happy, we are making Allah happy too! Allah has given us a chance to make Him happy everyday, by being good to our parents.

Activity 1: Fragile, Handle with care!
Use an egg to explain how people’s feelings can be fragile like the egg. Have the children wrap a volunteer with bubble wrap and fragile parcel tape to emphasise that people are fragile! When we are good to people and treat them with care, especially our parents, we are showing them respect. 

Activity 2: Parents are valuable
Have the children pass around a sparkly piece of jewellery, explaining how valuable and special it is to you. Notice how they are being careful, because they know how precious it is.
Parents are precious and very valuable. We must treat them well and be good to them so that we don’t hurt and upset them. Upsetting our parents, makes Allah sad too.
Download complete lesson plan: Respecting our parents
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