16 May 2014

Pop before it drops!

Lesson Objective:
- To understand that we must rush to do good deeds

Quran Verse:

Rush to do good 2:148
Fastabiqul khayraat

Lesson Introduction: 
‘Allah loves those who do good’, but Allah loves it even more when we ‘‘fastabiqul khayraat’, rush to do good! Remember our whole life is like a competition. It’s a race where we must try to do as many good deeds as we can before our time is up and we are called back to Allah. 

Activity: Pop before it drops!

Blow some bubbles and have the children pop them before they touch the ground! 
Reinforce the lesson and practice the ayat, by reciting the Quranic verse first. Can they still make it?!

Be quick to pop the bubbles before on the ground they lay.
Rush and do good deeds before your chances go away!

Download complete lesson plan: Every good act is charity
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