20 Oct 2014

Ka'ba Facts

The Ka’ba, is a very special holy place and an important landmark for Muslims.

- It is in Makkah, Saudi Arabia (Also known as Bekka in the Qur'an)
- Ka’ba means cube in Arabic
- It measure 60 x 60 feet
- Allah refers to the Ka’bah as ‘My House’ so although Allah does not 'live' in the Ka’baa, it is also called ‘Bayt ulllah’, the House of Allah.
- It was built by Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail
- It is the direction all Muslims face to pray
- It is covered in a black cloth with verses of the Holy Qur'an embroidered on it in golden thread. It is known as kiswa and is changed every year.
- There is a special stone sent from heaven set in the Ka'bah called Hajar al-Aswad, the Black stone. Pilgrims begin and end each round of tawaf at it.
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