23 Apr 2015

The Soul

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand that we are a soul and have a body
- To understand how every action impacts our soul
- To know Allah has given us instructions how to look after our soul
- To understand that our aim is to return to Allah with a clean soul

Quran Verse:
Man amila saalihan, falinafsi
Whoever does good, it is for his own soul 45:15

Key Learning Point:
Each of us is a soul. It is the soul which gives life to the body. Allah put the soul inside the body, so that we could come to Earth and do as many good deeds as we can.

Allah out of His love and Kindness has given us instructions on how to look after the soul. Everything we do, has an affect on the soul. You can keep it clean and become close to Allah, by following Allah’s rules. When we obey what Allah has said, it doesn’t affect Allah, but rather it benefits our own soul. 

Our body will die and be buried in the ground, but the real us, our soul will return to Allah. Allah tells us that those who choose to do good and purify their souls are successful.

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