14 May 2015

Soul Temptations

Surah Naas Lesson

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand the need to protect the soul
- To know what the soul needs protection from

Role play a scenario with a friend tempting another to do something wrong.
Use bribes of increasing value e.g. pack of sweets/money/a present
Will you have taqwa, be mindful of Allah and the strength to resist?!

Allah has given us a brain so that we can control and choose what we do. No one can make you do anything. They might ‘whisper’ and give you ideas to do something wrong, but when you have taqwa, you remember Allah and have the power to fight the whispers away and not listen to them. You don’t listen to the bad whispers that are trying to harm your soul and take you away from Allah. Instead, you make the right choice to protect your soul. 

Download Complete Lesson Plan: Taqwa: Protecting Your Soul

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