5 Sept 2015

The Migration Of the Prophet (SAW)

Lesson Objective:
- To understand how we should treat refugees.

Quran Verse:
Koonoo ansarallah
Be helpers of Allah 61:14

Lesson Introduction:
In the city of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad and his followers went through much suffering and hardships and it was no longer a safe place to live. They had to leave their homes and move away, migrating to the city of Madinah. These Muslims were called Muhajirs, the ones who had made the Hijra, the migration. They were now homeless and almost penniless because they had to leave everything behind.

The people of Madinah were very kind and welcoming. They shared their homes, wealth, families and all the blessings Allah had given them to help those in need. They were called the Ansars, the helpers. The Holy Prophet (SAW) paired each Muhajir with one Ansar and said they were like brothers. The generous Ansar helped their new brothers settle, feel safe and start a comfortable life in a new city. Allah praises them in the Quran, telling us how they showed love to the migrants, even giving them preference over their own needs. Allah calls these people the successful ones. (59:9)

The Qur’an and the perfect example of the Holy Prophet (SAW) teach us how we should treat others. When we all behave in this way and share what we have, we help to build a more peaceful world.

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