17 Nov 2015

Peace Treaty of Imam Hassan (as)

Lesson Objectives:
- To understand how Imam Hassan (as) tried to make peace
- To know that although starting a fight is not allowed, it is
necessary to protect and defend people who are being harmed, to bring true peace. 

Quran Verse: Fa aslihu
Make peace 49:10

The Peace Treaty of Imam Hassan (as)

After coming back from burying his father Imam Ali (as), Imam Hassan (as) spoke to the people and explained how he was now the next leader as Allah has chosen the Imams from the family of the Holy Prophet. He would guide them how to live according to the teachings of the Qur’an.

However, Muawiyah was not happy. He wanted to be the most powerful ruler over the people of Iraq and started to cause trouble to try and get rid of Imam Hassan (as). 

Allah emphasizes in the Qur’an how we should work hard to try and come to an agreement that will bring peace. We should try our best not to start a fight or arguments.

All our Imams always made every effort to bring peace. Imam Hassan (as) tried to come to an agreement by accepting a peace treaty.

In the treaty, Imam wrote a list of rules, which explained that Muawiyah as a leader should
  • Rule the country accordingly to the Qur’an and the example of the Holy Prophet (saw)
  • Not harm the people or the Ahlulbayt
  • Not choose a leader after him, but that the role should go back to the Imams
Even through Muawiyah had signed the paper, showing he had agreed to what Imam had said, Muawiyah never kept the promises he had made in the treaty. He made it clear he wanted power more than wanting to keep the teachings of Islam and said anyone who disagreed with him would be killed!

Muawiyah tried to kill Imam Hassan (as) many times and eventually he managed to convince Jo’dah, the wife of Imam Hassan (as), to poison him. He then made his son Yazid, the leader after him.

The Qur’an makes it clear that we must not start a fight or war and must always try our best to make peace. However, Allah explains how important it is to treat people well, always behaving fairly. He teaches us how we must protect the people who are weak or being treated wrongly. If there is no other way, that we must fight to defend and help the people to bring true peace.

Peace Pledge
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