30 Nov 2015

The Position of Sajda and the Turba

Lesson Objective:
- Understand how the position of sajda shows obedience to Allah
- Understand how we can use the lesson to help us focus only on Allah in the day.
- Understand the blessing of sajda in making dua
- Become aware of the physical benefits of the position of sajda.
- Understand how using a turba made from the soil of Karbala is a reminder of Imam Husayn (as) and the values he stood for.

Quran Verse: wakun minas saajideen, Be of those who do sajda 15:98

Key Learning Point:
Sajda is a position that shows our obedience. When I pray salaa and make sajda on the turba of Karbala, it reminds me how I must be like Imam Husayn (as) and give my bay’at only to Allah and the Ahlulbayt. Allah is my Creator and I am His servant. Unlike Iblis, I listen and do what Allah tells me and obey Him completely.

Lesson Introduction:
Sajda is a position when we bow down our heads onto the ground.

Allah tells us in the Qur’an 2:34 that when He created the first man, Prophet Adam, He asked the angels to ‘do sajda’ and bow down. The angels all listened to Allah and did what He said. They all obeyed Allah and did sajda, but Iblis did not. He thought he was better because he was made of fire and Prophet Adam was made of mud. Shaytan did not obey Allah and do what He asked him.

Putting our face on the ground, in a way that we can’t even see what is happening around us, would not be a position we would usually put ourselves in, but doing sajda is a way of lowering ourselves and remembering that Allah is the most High and we are his ‘abd’, we are His creation.

When we do sajda, it makes us remember how we must ‘atiullah’, always listen and do whatever Allah says with all our actions. We must obey Him completely. When we make sajda, we aren’t distracted  looking at everything that is happening around us. We are focused just on Allah. In the day there will be lots of distractions and things that try to take you away from Allah, that make you want to do things that are wrong, but you must remember that your focus is to always follow and do only what Allah says.

Imam Husayn (as) lived his whole life obeying Allah. Everytime we make salaa and our eyes fall on the turba made from the soil of Karbala, we are reminded of this great Iman who showed so much love and obedience to Allah. He stood for the truth, refusing to agree to Yazid’s rules but gave bay’at only to Allah. It is a daily reminder to us of how we want to be like Imam Husayn and live in a way that we always do what Allah has said.

We have been taught by our Imams that the position of sajda is the best to make dua. Imam Zainul Abideen loved to be in sajda so much, he even became known as Imam Sajjad!

The sajda is the only position in which head becomes lower than the heart and so blood gushes towards the brain in full force. The increased blood supply to the brain helps with better memory, concentration and less headaches!

Activity: Download and print worksheet
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