3 Feb 2016

Prophet Adam (as)

Learning Objective:
- To know that it is Allah who gives life.
- To know that Prophet Adam (as) was the first man created by Allah
- To understand that we have been created to be representatives of Allah on Earth

Qur'an verse: 
laqad khalaqnal insaana fi ahsani taqweem
Indeed We have created the human being in the best of form 95:4

Prophet Adam (as) was the first human being created by Allah. Allah asked the angels to bring different types of clay from the earth. The clay was then mixed with water and left for a while. He then shaped it into the form of a man and left it to set. When it was strong He made the man come alive and it was Prophet Adam (as). As soon as he was alive, Prophet Adam (pbuh) sneezed and said: Alhamdulilah!

Allah told the Angels that he has created insaan, the human being, to be a khalifa, a representative of Allah on the Earth. What is a representative? What is their role? When you go on school trip, the teachers tell you to behave well as you are representing the school. Your uniform helps others to know where you are from and your behaviour tells them what your school is like. 

How do we represent Allah? We behave with the manners of His Asmaul Husna. 
We know Allah is Rahman and Rahim, so we too must be kind to everyone. We know He is Jawaad, generous, so we too much make sure we share whatever we have with others. We know Allah is As-Salaam, the one who gives peace and we too should make sure we act peacefully with everyone around us. We must let our manners shine so that people can see what an amazing God we have! 

Activity: Allah is Al Muhyi, The Giver Of Life 
Give each child some playdoh to make a model of themselves. Allah tells us in the Qur'an that He created insaan, human beings, from clay. What's the difference between our clay model and the one Allah made? Can you make it come alive? Allah moulded the body perfectly from clay and made it come alive. Allah is Al Muhyi, only He can give life

Activity: I Am God's Representative 
Put a list of some of the Asmaul Husna in a box. 
Have each child pick one out and describe ways in which they could act in accordance to the Ism. 
Al-Alim: What can you do to increase your knowledge? 
As-Sami: Who/what should you listen to, what things would you like Allah to hear you say? 
Al-Baseer: What would you like Allah to see/not see you do? 
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