5 Jun 2016

Allah is As Sami'

Learning Objective: 
- To learn the Ism Allah is As-Sami', the One who hears everything
- Understand how we can call Allah by making Dua

Quran Verse:
رَبِّي لَسَمِيعُ الدُّعَاءِ
14:39 My Lord indeed hears the prayer

Activity: Headband Ears
To provide a visual association while discussing As-Sami', have the child wear a headband with paper cut ears to the sides.

Activity: Rhyme to the tune of Freres Jacques:
As Sami' x2
Allah can hear us x2
Even if we whisper x2
He can hear us x2

Activity: Blindfold game 
Blindfolded the child as they try to identify various sounds like crumpling paper, pouring water, scissors, footsteps. Explain how Allah hears you everytime you talk to him. He knows it's your voice and He even understands what you're saying!
There are some sounds that animals, like dogs, can hear that we can't. And there are some creatures like the fly, who can't hear at all! Allah has made everyone's ability to hear different, but He is As-Sami' and His hearing is the best!

Activity: Paper Cup Phones
Children will be fascinated to be able to hear each other even with a closed door between them! Ensure the string is pulled tight between the cups for the sound to travel through better.

We can use a phone to talk to people when we can't see them. We call people to tell them about our day, ask them for help or maybe to thank them. Talking to people helps you feel close to them. Allah wants us to call Him too and talk to Him about everything. 

Allah is As-Sami', you don't need a telephone to talk to Him! You can talk to Him at anytime and tell Him whatever you want! He can always hear you!
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