10 Sept 2016


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The station of Ibrahim reminds us of the great man who was chosen to be a Prophet. He is remembered by millions of Muslims who follow in his footsteps as they complete the Hajj. Allah tells us the story of Prophet Ibrahim in many places, describing and praising his good character and how he was His special friend. Prophet Ibrahim is admired by all the religions and an example of a person who had qualities that Allah loves and those that we too are trying to have.
One way that can help us develop a good character is by using positive affirmations. These are words that are absorbed by the mind when repeated often. Positive words remind you of what you believe in and can encourage you to behave in the right way when you are in a difficult or unsure situation.
For example if you want to teach your mind to become more grateful you can focus on and repeat the words 'I am thankful' for a few minutes everyday. If you are then faced with a situation when you feel like complaining, your mind will remind you that you are grateful and instead you will remember your blessings and say Alhamdulilah! Allah has given us an amazing mind and the power to control it! Make Dua to Allah to help you and choose a few qualities and positive words to repeat everyday.
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