7 Sept 2016

Trust In Allah

Qur'an Verse: 
Tawwakkal 'allalah, Put your trust in Allah 
Allah loves those who put their trust in Him 3:159

Having trust in Allah means that whatever difficulties we are faced with, we do our best and rely on Allah to help us. Allah loves us seventy times more than our mothers and we know that He will always do what is good for us. When we put our trust in Allah and do the right thing, we do not need to worry or be afraid of anything. Our trust in Him makes us strong.

When you believe and put your trust in something you can not see, it is called having faith. 
- The people who got on the ark could not see any water or rain but they listened to Prophet Nuh and put their trust in Allah to save them from drowning. 
- Can not see wind, but have faith that if you held a kite outside it would fly!
- Can not see electricity, but have faith that when you turn on the switch, there will be light!

- We can not see Allah but we have faith that He is always there.

Lesson Introduction:
When Prophet Ibrahim was asked by Allah to leave his wife Hajra and little baby Ismail in the desert all on their own, they both put their trust in Allah. There was no food, water or even anyone else living there but their faith made them strong. They did not worry about what would happen because they knew that Allah will look after them.

Imam Husayn’s army knew that they were standing for the truth and doing what would make Allah happy. It didn’t matter how old or young they were, they were ansarAllah, helpers of Allah and Allah says in the Qur’an ‘If you help in the way of Allah, He will help you’ 47:7. They put their complete trust in Allah and knew that whatever difficulties they faced, Allah would help them. Their incredible trust in Allah gave them amazing strength! An army of only seventy two fighting against thousands, yet their faith in Allah made them strong!

Activity: Objects of Trust
Identify each item being trusted
Learning swimming (trust armbands wont drown)
Put money in bank (trust bank)
Food in freezer (trust freezer keeps food good)
Cross road zebra crossing (trust driver will stop)

Activity: Faith Makes You Strong
Take two empty plastic water bottles. Tightly cap one of them and leave the other one without the lid. Compare the uncapped bottle to a person without faith, and the capped bottle to a person who has faith. Try to crush both bottles by squeezing your hand around them. The uncapped bottle will crush, but the one with the cap will not.

When we have faith and put our trust in Allah, it gives us an invisible strength! We do not need to worry or be afraid of anything. Our trust in Him makes us strong.

If you're scared at night your mummy might tell you to recite some Surahs. If you put your trust in Allah knowing He will look after you, it will make you feel strong and safe and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

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