7 Oct 2016

Look For The Good

Qur'an Verse: Allahu khairul maakireen 8:30, Allah is the best of Planners!

When Lady Zainab was asked in Yazid’s court about Karbala, she said, ‘I saw nothing but beauty’. After everything she and her family had been through, Lady Zainab did not complain or question Allah and ask why. She knew that Allah loves us more than our own mothers, and if He has planned something for you, it is what is best for you.

Hold up a sheet of white paper marked with a small black dot in the centre. Ask the children what they see. Most will point out the black spot rather than the white sheet of paper. 

Often in our lives we tend to focus on the negative things, the black spot, the things we think are messing up everything. Look at the paper again, there's definitely more white clean space on the paper than there are marks. Just like there are many more good and positive things in our life than we may appreciate.

Lady Zainab and the Ahlulbayt always had Allah as their focus. Despite all the difficulties they went through, they knew and understood that everything Allah does is for a good reason. They could only see the good.

Learn to focus on the positive by taking time to notice your blessings and be grateful for them. Look for the good in every situation. Catch and stop yourself when you next feel like complaining about something which may not be the way you want it and instead look for the good.

Activity: Sweet Blessings
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