27 Nov 2016

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) eBook

Download eBook
The Prophet Muhammad eBook brings together the complete archive of blog activities that have helped little ones learn about and build a relationship with our greatest role model, the Holy Prophet (SAW).

The book is divided into four sections with crafts and activity ideas to help build a basic knowledge base about the Holy Prophet and allow children to understand and practice what it means to live in his footsteps. 
  1. The life of the Prophet
  2. The way of the Prophet
  3. Follow the Prophet 
  4. Celebrate the Prophet
The Prophet Muhammad eBook will download as one handy PDF document, allowing you to
·        Read the book on screen and access online links directly.
·        Save it on your computer
·        Print the entire contents as a booklet
·        Print just one activity at a time. 
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