28 Sept 2017


Learning Objective:
- To understand what courage means and when to practice it.
- To know that Allah will help you when you put your trust in Him 
- To know that with Allah's help you are stronger than you think!
- To understand that with Allah's help, nothing can overcome you.

Quran Verse:
If Allah is your helper, none can overcome you 3:160
Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear 2:286

Courage is standing up and doing what is right even if you are alone or it is difficult. You may feel weak against a bigger crowd, but when you have faith and put your trust in Allah, Allah will give  you strength and help you stand up against whatever you face. 

Activity: Stand Tall
Hold up a sheet of A4 paper and a stack of books and ask the children if they think the paper is strong enough to hold up the books. Can the paper take the pressure and weight of the books? Most will say no! Roll up the paper width ways into a tight tube. While holding the paper, slowly place a book onto it. The book will balance! Continue placing more books onto the tube stacking them one at a time. Isn't it amazing? The paper which appeared weak and flimsy is strong enough to be able to hold up and stand tall against the pressure of the books!

Watch Paper Roll Demonstration

Like the sheet of paper, we may seem weak to stand up against a bigger crowd and handle the pressure of others. But when we stand for what is right, Allah is our helper. He gives us strength to stand up tall against anything, even if it seems impossible! When Allah is our helper, nothing can overcome us!

Karbala is one of the biggest examples of standing up against the majority. Imam Husayn’s army may have looked weak but having trust in Allah made them strong! It gave them courage to face an army of thousands. They knew that 'if Allah is your helper, none can overcome you.' 3:160 They were able to stand tall and do the right thing, never giving in to the pressure they faced to give bay'at and follow the rules of Yazid. 
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