26 Sept 2017

Muharram Resolutions

Learning Objective:

- To understand the importance of self reformation
- To apply the lessons of Karbala
- To understand that working on a practice for 40 days helps to make it into a habit.

Lesson Introduction:
Discuss the mission statement made by Imam Husayn (as) after refusing to give bay’at and agree to the rules of Yazid. Imam explained that he was leaving Madinah “to reform the community of my grandfather.” Reform means to make better. The religion of Islam and the message brought by the Holy Prophet (S) was being changed and not followed in the right way. It was Imam’s duty to reform, the ummah, to make it better by encouraging goodness and standing against what was wrong.

Listening to the events and lessons from Karbala during this month, reminds us that it is our duty and responsibility to make sure we are working on reforming ourselves and always trying to become better by following in the exapmle of Imam Husayn (as). Our tears for Imam should bring within us change, an improvement in our character. Change begins first with ourselves and through our behaviour and actions we can encourage others towards goodness as well. In this way, the message of Karbala is kept alive.

Activity: Muharram Resolutions 
Using the Muharram Calendar activity, explore the lessons and values we can learn from the personalities of Karbala. Each day, have the children reflect on what they have heard and think of how they can apply and practice the Lessons from Karbala. Write each days action point onto a teardrop to symbolise and remind how we must use our tears to reform and improve ourselves. 

Activity: Forty Tears
After the ten nights of Muharram, read over each of the action points taken away from the lessons of Karbala. Select one lesson to work on as a habit to practice and inculcate over the next forty days, colouring in each teardrop counter. 

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