25 Oct 2017

Muharram Reflective Circles

Host a contemplative Muharram gathering by sending participants questions to ponder on beforehand, informing them that they will be discussed in a reflective circle. The programme style allows families and older children to reflect, engage and contribute in remembrance of Imam Husayn (as) and gain perspective from each other.

A selection of questions you could use:
1) What does the statement of Lady Zainab "wa ma ra'aitu illa jameela" mean to you?
2) What is the significance of the ziyarah of Arbaeen and the period of a 40 day commemoration?
3) Who from the event of Karbala inspires you most and why?
4) What Does Hazrat Qasims statement of "death is sweeter than honey" teach us?
5) How can we connect to Imam Husayn in a productive way on a regular basis?
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