4 Jun 2018

Soak Your Heart with the Quran

Activity: Soak Your Heart with the Quran
Spray some water onto a rock and watch it roll off. Explain how when our hearts are hard due to our doing wrong and not following the rules of Allah, then the guidance of the Quran doesn't have any effect on it. 

But when we do good deeds, fast and pray, we obey and remember Allah softening our hearts. Hearts which are soft are able to absorb the Quran. Spray water onto a sponge and watch it being absorbed. What will eventually happen to the sponge if we keep spraying it with water? Demonstrate to see the sponge starting to drip.

Hearts which are soaked in the words of Allah will pour out the guidance of the Quran that has been absorbed. When your heart is filled with the Qur'an, it will come out and show in your actions. Hearts soaked in the Quran help you behave in the best way. Even when pressured or squeezed, a heart soaked with the Quran will always help you make the right choice!

Activity: Q.U.R.A.N
Explore ways to engage with the Quran to allow our hearts to absorb its message by using the acronym Q.U.R.A.N. 
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