21 Dec 2018

Surah Al Muzzammil 73

Surah Al Muzzammil outline by Academy For Learning Islam
  • 73:1 Al Muzzammil is one of the seven names Allah has called the Prophet in the Quran. Look up the following verses to find the other names. 47, 36:1, 61:6, 20:1, 74:1, 72:19
  • 73:4 Reciting the Quran is given special importance. Use the Q.U.R.A.N acronym to learn about ways to engage with the Quran.
  • 73:20 Importance of spending time at night remembering Allah - what are four things Allah has advised us to to do in night worship? Salatul Layl, Quran, Charity and Seeking forgiveness.
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