4 Jan 2019

Surah Qamar 54

Surah Al Qamar outline by Academy For Learning Islam

Don’t deny the signs of God
The unbelievers were constantly challenging the Prophet. They even asked him to split the moon - which he did! You’d think if you witnessed such a thing you’d believe straight away and yet there were people who continued to mock in arrogance saying  he was a magician.

Did you know that there is a trace of a cleft on the surface of the moon from the top to the bottom across the middle! This cleft is about the 1 mile long and named by astronomers as “Hadley Rille”. The research about the cleft done by the Apollo-15 crew has been documented and a recorded video clip can be watched online:

Allah does not leave anyone without signs. It is upto each person to open hearts to find out. Eg becoming curious when you see women in hijab, halal food signs, hearing about Islam in the news etc. Allahs guidance is there for everyone - it is for us to take heed.

- Stories of many Prophets in history
The people were shown signs and miracles yet denied. Do not be like the arrogant people who denied the signs and didn’t take heed of the lessons.

- 'Indeed we have made the Quran easy to remember” 54:17
Repeated four times in the sūra. The Quran is an reminder from which it is easy for us to understand and take lessons from and apply into our own lives.

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