2 May 2019

Quran Memorisation

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said, 'Whoever does not have anything of the Quran inside him is like a ruined house.' To memorise the Quran is to put the words of Allah inside you.

Resources to help children begin to memorize the Holy Qur'an starting with Juz Amma surahs and simple Quranic phrases.

Juz Amma Progress Chart by Raising Omar
Each circle’s size is relative to how long the Surah is, and each color represents one quarter of the Juz, helping to break down the goal further into smaller parts. Free to download and print online.

Islamic Values Quranic Calendar
A Quranic Calendar containing 30 short and memorable Qur'anic phrases exploring the morals and manners of a Muslim. 

50 Illustrated Quranic Lessons
A collection of 50 simple Quranic verses for the little ones to learn and put into practice.

30 Day Quran Challenge by Academy for Leaning Islam
Short verses selected for ease of remembrance and applicability to everyday situations.
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