2 Sept 2019

Manners at the Mosque

Our Imams have explained to us how important it is to remember Imam Husayn (as) and to have gatherings in our homes to talk about and grieve over what happened in Karbala. Even if you cannot attend a majlis, read about Imam, shed a tear and raise your hands in dua for Imam Sadiq says that even if there are two people who get together to remember imam husayn, the third is an angel who prays for them both.

We get ready and prepare ourselves according to where we are going.
Party – dress up bright clothes, take gift
School – wear uniform, take books
Mosque – black clothes for sadness, pen and notebook, tissues.

But when we come to mosque it is not just about coming to a hall or a centre to learn. We are actually accepting an invite from someone very special who will be present with us! The royal highness, the Lady of Jannah! When we come to mosque in Muharram we are guests of Lady Fatima who is present. The place where Imam Husayn (as) is remembered is full of blessings. Bibi Fatima (as) and the angels are present at every majalis for Imam.

So take a moment to think how will you prepare and behave when at mosque?
1. Make wudhu before you leave the house
2. Stop at the mosque door before going in and remind yourself that Lady Fatimah and the angels are present.
3. Make dua that you can benefit from their special blessings and the lecture.
4. Focus on taking away one point to share with family friends and put into practice.
5. It might be squashed, make room, give way - It is not right to complain in the gathering of Imam Husayn where you are a guest of Bibi Fatimah!

When we listen to the masaib even if we cant cry physical tears, look down, close your eyes, make a sad face. Think about what Imam went through so we could have Islam today. Remember Lady Fatima is here with us crying for her son.

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