24 Apr 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Alif

ا Is for Allah 

There is only one God. Allah is our Creator. He does not have a family and He does not have any children. There is no one like Him. Allah is the One who has given us everything we have! 
StorytimeHe is Everywhere By QFatima 
SongI Love Allah by Zaky 
Activity: What are some things Allah has given you? Draw or cut pictures from magazines and stick them inside a big heart.

ا Is for Ardh, the Earth
The Earth is the one of eight planets in the universe and the only one that humans can live on! The Ardh is covered with rivers, seas and lots of trees. That’s why it looks blue and green if we look down at it from space! Allah tells us in the Quran to look at how spread out it is. There are many different people living in different places all over the Earth. You are just one of them! 
Activity: Find where you live on a world map. Are there any other places on the Earth that you’ve visited? 
Craft: Paper Mache Earth Globe
Mix about 1/4 cup of glue and a small amount of water in a medium-sized bowl. The mixture should be runny. Cover a balloon with strips of newspaper which have been dipped into the mixture. Let dry for 24 hours and paint blue and green!

ا Is for Adam 

Storytime: The first man created by Allah was Adam (a). Allah created Adam (a) from clay and then blew life into him! Allah asked all the angels to bow down to Adam (a). Adam was so special. Allah taught him the names of everything! Adam (a) is also the first Prophet sent by Allah to guide us.
Activity: Playdough Self Portrait Modelling
What's the difference between our clay model and the one Allah made? Can you make it come alive? Allah is the only one who can give life.

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