26 Apr 2020

Quranic Alphabet Series: Taa

Is for Teen, Fig 
The fig is a special fruit mentioned in the Quran. There is a whole Surah called At Teen, The Fig. Did you know that the seeds of the fig become an edible part of the fruit! Next time you eat a fig, take a closer look inside and see if you can spot the seeds.
Activity: Listen to Surah At Teen and repeat each line with the children in the video

Is for Tawba, Asking for Forgiveness
When we do wrong, we must apologise. But saying sorry does not just mean saying the words. We must really mean it with our heart. When we say sorry to Allah, we say ‘Astaghfirullaha wa atoobo ilay’. We remember Allah, feel sad for doing something wrong and try our best not to do it again. We then go back to doing what makes Allah happy.
Activity: Draw three crosses with a pencil. Think of what you may have done wrong and need to say sorry for. Then rub out each X. Allah loves it when you say sorry and He rubs away your wrong deed.

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